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 Training Dates 2017:
LIA Practical Course 
28 March / 28 August 2017
Mondays & Tuesdays only - 2 weeks
Rescom Irrigation Design Course
17 February
Every Friday & Saturday - 6 weeks
26 June 2017 
Monday to Saturday - 2 weeks
Advanced Irrigation Design Course
20 July 2017
Thursdays and Fridays only - 6 weeks

Other training:
Rain Harvesting - 
4 Feb & 8 Apr
Water Features - 21 April
Intro to Irrigation - 8 May
Nightscaping - 9 September
Auditing - 2 October
Electrical Prac - TBA
Download the application forms here:

              LIA Practical Course

This course will provide delegates with the necessary skills to install residential, commercial and sports field irrigation systems.

This course is aligned with the practical aspects of the NQF level 2 National Certificate in Landscape Irrigation. The emphasis is placed on imparting the skills and techniques for the installation of piping, valves and sprinklers. Delegates will be trained to use the correct methods and procedures to install an irrigation system in accordance with the LIA’s Code of Standards.

 LIA Practical Course Overview.pdf

      Rescom (Residential and Commercial) irrigation design course

The course has been continually updated to include the technological advances made in irrigation. The course is now available to all sections of the green industry and employers often request that potential employees have successfully completed the Rescom course as a precondition for employment. The Rescom course fulfills the design needs for all but large sports turf and commercial irrigation systems. The course is well respected and regarded throughout the “green industry”. Successful completion of the Rescom is a prerequisite for any person wishing to attain “Principle” membership of the LIA 

The Rescom course focuses on providing delegates with the knowledge and skills to produce energy efficient irrigation designs through the selection and usage of the most suitable equipment to suit the site conditions and plant material. 

Delegates are exposed to a wide spectrum of subjects, each covering a particular section of an irrigation design.

 LIA Rescom Course Overview.pdf

      Advanced irrigation design course

This course is a continuation of the Rescom and is designed to provide experienced irrigation designers with the methodology and technical expertise to design large sports turf and commercial irrigation systems.


·       Successful completion of the Rescom course

·       A minimum of 5 years’ experience in the design of irrigation systems

LIA Advanced Course Overview.pdf
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